6 realistic beauty resolutions that you can definitely keep

When it comes to New Year’s beauty resolutions, the ones that are really going to carry on past 4 January are the ones that feel the least restrictive and come with a serious side order of evident benefits to push us into brand new beauty territory. Maybe it is time you gave up the habits that are impacting both your skin and the environment? Or, perhaps it is time that you shake up the way you approach make-up and take your eyeliner skill to expert level?

Here, we share six beauty resolutions to get started as we enter a whole new decade.

1. Give up wipes

Literally, stop now. From here on in commit to choosing a make-up removing alternative that strays far away from the toxic reality of facial wipes. They might be affordable and easy to use, but their impact on the environment is long-documented. Water UK has even stated that 93 per cent of the gunk blocking our sewers is made up of wet wipes, and parallel to this, Marine Conservation found 12 wet wipes on average per 100 metres on UK beaches. Just don’t use them. Alternatives are now readily available, whether you want to choose reusable Face Halos or opt for a double cleanse and a muslin cloth, there really should be no need for you to ever open a pack again. Plus, if the environmental stats on wipes aren’t enough to dissuade you, consider that they are also bad for your complexion as they don’t truly remove makeup and the scrubbing movements can cause unwanted irritation.

2. Don’t pick your spots

A beauty mandate you know well and have heard a thousand times, and yet, we all struggle to resist the temptation every time a new blemish pops up to say “hello”. Put down the at-home tools, stay away from your zoom mirror and don’t even think about just quickly scratching away that whitehead. Scarring, further contamination and long-term damage are just some of the reasons we should leave this practice to the professionals. However, that’s not to say that on occasion we do need to remove a blemish. If you do, make sure that you pop, and don’t pick at it. Cleanliness is key from your hands to cleaning the area after the gentle extraction. Picking is a 2020 no, popping we will allow if carried out rarely and with airtight focus.

3. Try a new trick

Beauty resolutions shouldn’t all be about restriction. The new year can also prove the perfect time to try something new. Why not start with perfecting a new beauty technique, say, each month? By this time next year, you’ll have 12 new tricks in your beauty arsenal and perhaps a whole new perspective on your own beauty routine. Whether you want to perfect a facial massage technique or finally master that cat-eye flick. YouTube is the best place to start, naturally.

4. Wash your brushes

It’s all very well and good stepping out in an expertly executed make-up look that then gets washed away with a precise skincare routine, but, if your tools are dirty then it is time to get back to basics. Make the commitment to cleanse your kabuki et al at regular intervals. A routine of washing your brushes and tools with specialist cleansers will not only help your skin by pacifying impurities but will also give your make-up brushes a great lifespan.

5. Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

As the beauty industry increases its commitment to sustainability, make a concerted effort to do your part too. Much of the packaging your products come in will be comprised of various components that will all have different recycling capabilities. What this means is that you’ll need to invest some time into sorting through the empties and cartons. Or, consider the environment from the point of purchase and opt for brands and products that create with a green agenda.

6. Wear SPF

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day. Don’t go without it. SPF should be your most-used beauty item from 2020 to eternity. Literally, you have no excuse.

Zayd Nijenhuis

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