8 ways to add volume to thin, greasy hair

Among frustrating beauty woes, underestimating the greasiness of your second- or third-day hair definitely features in the top ranks. We’ve all taken the risk of styling a mane that looks like it might just last you through the night, and then regretted the decision. If grease isn’t your concern, thin or thinning hair may be, which can look flat, especially in photographs. We spoke to two celebrity hairstylists—Delhi-based Rod Anker of Rod Anker Salons and Mumbai-based Priyanka Borkar, the hair expert has on her speed dial about the best ways to add volume to your hair. Here are the pro tips they served up.

1) Pay attention to your face shape

Adding volume to your hair isn’t as hard as you think it is, but adding the right kind is what makes all the difference. “A lot of people I see don’t always need more volume. In fact, it’s not flattering on them, but they want it because it’s what they’re told [they should want]. It all depends on your face shape,” says Anker. First, have your hairstylist give you the right cut and style to exaggerate volume if you want big hair.

2) Take a break from your regular hair parting

“Changing the way you part your hair can add some temporary but definite volume at the roots. The problem is that most people like their hair parted a certain way, which is why they may not opt for this. However, it does provide you with instant volume and is a quick fix. You can do this while your hair is wet if your original parting is very strong, to make the new one stick,” advises Borkar.

3) Try a volumising product

“Using a volumising powder like the Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust It Mattifying Powder after styling—it gives you all the fullness you could ever want, but be warned, the hair does feel a little sticky once it’s in. However, you’re guaranteed volume and it’s easy to wash out so it’s worth a shot,” suggests Anker. While Borkar is a fan of this powder as well, she also suggests trying the Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam for a volume lift. She shares advising adding root-lifting products to your repertoire. “Make friends with root-boosting products, especially if you have thin hair. Ensure that you buy a root-boosting product made for fine hair, so it doesn’t weigh your mane down. I like using the Bblunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Spray and the Wella Professionals EIMI Extra Volume Strong Hold Volumizing Mousse before I blow-dry fine hair. The volumising mousse works better if you have slightly thicker hair [due to its texture]. Make sure you always use it on damp hair,” she says.

4) Layers in your hair make all the difference

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but getting a haircut with well-done layers can give you a fresh, effortless look every day. “While getting layers is stating the obvious and largely depends on the overall length of your hair, they do create more volume on the top area of your entire look. Cutting the ends blunt or no layers creates more bulk on ends [and can further weigh down your hair]. Texturising or methodically splicing into certain areas to create shorter more supportive lengths gives the style support, and you are able to create more fullness this way as well,” advises Anker.

5) Tease for best results

Anker and Borkar both are fans of teasing aka backcombing your hair. “You can always backcomb a little at the roots and spray some hairspray to make the volume and style hold. This trick always works if your hair is super smooth or flat,” says Borkar.

6) Reach for a crimper

“Not many people do it, but sometimes adding a little crimp to the under layers of your hair can give it a strong hold, and add volume to the roots without being visible,” she recommends.

7) When in doubt, go old-school

“Another way to get the boost is by using either hot rollers or velcro rollers on your hair while you blow-dry, and letting them set for about 20 mins. Setting your hair with rollers can give you a vintage glam look,” says Borkar. She also suggests sleeping with a top knot, which can help give your mane more volume.

8) Turn your blow-dry upside-down

Changing the direction your hair dries in may sound a bit silly, but it’s a trick that hairstylists have been using for years on end. “The reason this works is because when upside down, your roots are automatically lifting off your scalp, which is how you want them to dry. I like to use this method to get my hair about 90 per cent dry, and then I might do my final smoothing with a round brush. If you have bangs, always dry them right side up first,” concludes Borkar

Zayd Nijenhuis

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